Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shaving Foam background technique

For this you will need the following supplies; Shaving foam, Pot, Paint brush or similar, Card stock cut to size (can use glossy if you prefer), Scarper (i used an old member club card) and any inks of your choice.
I also used a piece of kitchen towel (sorry not in the picture).

Take the dish/pot you have chosen and half fill the dish with foam.
Take you paint brush handle and flatten it out the best you can.

Now add a few small drops of your chosen ink and colours. Here I have used Alcohol inks (stream & wild plum). But you can try any inks you wish. (I have used Pergamano inks aswell in the past).

Take your paintbrush handle and gentle mix the ink into a swirl,
but don't over do it mix.

Next take you card stock and place into the foam and lift up and out at the same time.
Turn you card around until all of the surface it covered in foam.

This is what it should look like (a bit of a mess but don't worry!)
Take your scraper and scrape of the excess foam and put it back into the dish/pot.
Rub over the surface of the card stock to make sure all the foam has gone.

This is what it should look like, a pretty bright swirls.

You can do more than one in a batch of shaving foam,
the more you do, the lighter they become.
This was the 2nd one from this batch.

You can add more colour if you would like (here I added butterscotch)
but eventually they will all mix into one colour.
If you are going to try this please can you let me know how you find my instructions!
Thank you.
Have fun!


Seona said...

Great clear instructions - thanks for these Ann x

Em's Blog said...

ooooooooo fab instructions Ann, thanks for that, will have a go later :o)

Karin said...

Brilliant instructions Ann. Well done. :o)

ju said...

Nice one! Will have a go later. Thanks for sharing.....x

Gillian said...

Thanks for sharing Ann, great step by step instructions:)

devonmaid said...

Excellent instructions Ann. Looks so effective, will have a go. Need to buy the foam tho', OH has a beard LOL :O~

Audrey said...

brilliant instructions - definitely will try it out - thanks ANN!

WATCH OUT DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

fantastic titorial ann, brill pics too, love this and will definately be giving it a go. thanks for this. xx

Anonymous said...

i watched this on create and craft, i have had a go at this. your instructions are also great!

Maria said...

Really glad you included the sixth picture (card covered in foam) becoz I would have assumed I had done it wrong at that point and threw it away.

Love the finished effect too. thanks for sharing. xx