Sunday, June 28, 2009

Having a play

Today while I was sitting at the computer I thought I would have another play with photoshop and I have managed to tweak my old header which a friend very kindly did for me.

And im proud to say that I made another header for my other blog all from scratch and im really pleased with the result and if you want to see it you can here. I dont think they turned out too bad as I didnt really know what I was to start with lol!!

Would love to know what you think any comments good or bad are welcome!!!

another birhday card

This card is for my friend, hope she liked it and it was nice quick an easy too!!!

Birthday card

This is for my Hubby for his birthday, I thought I would make him a card with Mario and pyramage

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers day cards

Top card is for my hubby

Middle card is for my Dad

Bottom card is for my FIL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday card

This card is for my good friend Kaz............hope you like it moo!!!! lol!!!!

Xanders Card

This card was the card I did for my son Xander who was 4 last Friday

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunny Birthday

This card is for my BIL for his birthday and I used a picture of 1 of their many rabbits which they have played with to make to background, all I did was cheat and print it out and then mat & layered it onto a card......nice quicker and easy!!!! Oh yes by the way the bunny is called Florence!!!

Anniversary card

This card is for my Mum & Dad for their Wedding Anniversary. I think they liked it but who can resist those cute adorable bears.......I know I!

Elephant card

This card is for my SIL for her birthday, I think this elephant is cute, what do you think?

Handbag birthday

This handbag card is for my MIL for her birthday, I think she liked this too.

60th Birthday

This exploding box was for my FIL for his big birthday. I think he really liked it.