Thursday, June 26, 2008

Circle of Friends Gift

This is for my friend Gillian for my gift to her, as you can see she likes Daniel Graig!

I have done a small candle, a tag (which is image transfer), a moo card and a domino!


Em's Blog said...

ooooo Ann, I really love your candles and I bet Gillian loves her gifts :o)

Audrey said...


That'll keep her quiet,what a great idea! And fabby work

Karin said...

just perfect for Gillian, bet she treasures those for ever. :o)

Kaz said...

these were fab, I was lucky enough to see them, the candle is another fantastic example of your talent for the transfer onto wax, and everything else was lush too, as well as Mr Bond of
gorgeous, and brilliant circle gift Ann (make her mine next seona ;-))

Seona said...

Brilliant Ann! Perfect circle gift!

Anonymous said...

my favourite man Mmmmmmm
what a nice surrise it was to see
him on your blog, made my day, he's sooooo yummy,and what a fab
selection of craft,lol fran