Saturday, February 2, 2008

Football Card for a man

This card is for my friends partner, he always goes to home matches at the weekend so I thought I would make him a card with the team colours. (Yeovil town). To make this card I used google to find a picture of a football and printed it 8 times. I cut them in to squares and folded them to make the teabag, I put a black brad through the middle to finish it off. I didnt know if it would work but I am really pleased it did. I cut 3 stripes of green paper and measured where to stick them on to make them equall. I took "football fan" peel offs and drew around them and then coloured them in, in gold metallica sakura pens. Using a stamp for the sentiment with a versamark and gold embossing powder. For the goal! and the footballs I used my boys and toys see d stamps with black ink.

This is the inside of the card and I decided I would do a pop up card. For the inside of the card I thought it would be nice to see the clubs shield though a shield shape so I googled for both of those images. I used the same stamps again for the footballs and the cup and for the 2 footballers I used 2 peeloffs and colour tinted them with a cotton wool ball and green ink and then peeled off the peel off to give a different effect. I hope he likes the card because it took quite a while to do.

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sam21ski said...

I'm lovin' this one, looks great